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 Live Steaming Without Limits And Boundaries. With The Help Of Experts Throughout The Country We Will Discuss How We Can Shine A Light On Human Trafficking. "Coast To Coast" Talks About The Truth About Human Trafficking And Survivors' Stories.
If You Are A Professional In The Field Of Psychology, Sociology, Medical, Educational, Technological, Economics, Law Enforcement, Judicial And Case Management Or Any Professional Organization In The Knowledge Of The Effects And Dangers Of Human Trafficking. Please Feel Free To Reach Out To Us For Our Present And Future Podcast. The Truth Shall Come To Light! 
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Warrior One Project Podcast: Recently, human trafficking has received increased public focus. It’s a devastating social issue, and it’s happening both internationally and here in the United States. 

The OEWOFA brings faith-based together who are interested infighting trafficking. The best way to combat slavery is to work together through education, networking and collaboration. Members of this network are encouraged to develop anti-trafficking awareness courses for business, schools,churches, communities, etc. Please join and donate, we need your help.

The OEWOFA Combats Human Trafficking By Community Education And Assuring Their Stories Are Shared Nationwide And Not Perpetuating Sex And Human Trafficking In The U.S. It Is Imperative We Work Together To Find The Key Sources And Factors Of Human Trafficking. We Must Protect Our Nation's Most Vulnerable Citizens And Our Children From Society's Dangers. The "Our Empowering Women Of America" Will Partner Up With School Boards, Service Providers, Governmental Agencies, Businesses,Faith-Based Institutions, And Local Law Enforcement To Identify The Nature,Scope, And Prevalence Of Child Trafficking In Their Communities.

The KEY Elements - What is Human Trafficking - That must be present for a situation of trafficking in persons (adults) to exist are, therefore.

This Is When Someone Is Deceived, Coerced Or Forced To Take Part In Sexual Activity. Places Where Someone Could Be Sexually Exploited: Prostitution Brothels – Massage/Sauna Escort Agencies Pole/Lap-Dancing Forced Marriage Stripping On A Web Cam-Phone Sex Lines Internet Chat Rooms Pornography Mail Order Brides Sex Tourism.

This Refers To Situations Where People Are Coerced To Work For Little Or No Remuneration, Often Under Threat Of Punishment. There Are A Number Of Means Through Which A Person Can Be Coerced, Including: Use Of Violence Or Intimidation Accumulated Debt Retention Of Identity Papers Threat Of Exposure To Immigration Authorities All Types Of Labor, Within Every Industry, Are Susceptible To Labor Exploitation. Some Common Sectors And Industries That Are Identified As Vulnerable Include: Manufacturing Factory Work Hospitality Construction Agriculture Fishing Car Washes Nail Bars.

A Domestic Worker or Helper Is a Person Who Works within Their Employer’s Home,Performing a Variety of Tasks. This Arrangement Becomes Exploitative When There Are Restrictions on the Domestic Worker’s Movement, And They Are Forced to Work Long Hours for Little Pay. They May Also Suffer Physical And Sexual Abuse.Places Where Someone Can Be In Domestic Servitude: In A Private Home In A Community Such As A Commune.

This Is When A Person Is Put Under Pressure To Marry Someone. They May Be Threatened With Physical Or Sexual Violence Or Placed Under Emotional Or Psychological Distress To Achieve These Aims. Situations Where You May Find Forced Marriage Used: To Gain Access Into A Country To Gain Access To Benefits.

This Is When Somebody Is Forced To Carry Out Criminal Activity Through Coercion Or Deception. Forced Criminality Can Take Many Forms, Including: Drug Trade,E.G. Cannabis Cultivation, Drug Distribution Begging Pick-Pocketing Bag snatching ATM Theft Selling Of Counterfeit Goods Forced Criminality Also Encompasses Social Welfare Fraud. This Takes Place When Exploiters Falsely Apply For Tax Credits And Other Welfare Benefits Using The Victims’ Details. It Is Not Only The State That Is The Victim Of Social Welfare Fraud, There Is Often Horrific Abuse Used Against The Individual In Order To Coerce Them Into Falsely Applying For Benefits.

The Trafficking In Organs Involves Removing A Part Of The Body, Commonly The Kidneys And Liver, To Sell Often As An Illegal Trade. Organs Can Be Taken In A Number Of Ways: Trade – A Victim Formally Or Informally Agrees To Sell An Organ, But Are Then Cheated Because They Are Not Paid For The Organ, Or Are Paid Less Than The Promised Price Ailments – A Vulnerable Person Is Treated For An Ailment, Which May Or May Not Exist, And The Organs Are Removed Without The Victim’s Knowledge Extortion – A Victim May Be Kidnapped From Their Family And Organs Removed Without Consent.



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