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Volunteer for Anti-Trafficking 

Many of the organizations fighting human trafficking just don’t have enough funds to go around. They rely heavily on volunteers to make the difference. Use the following resources to find volunteering opportunities near you.

Other Ways to Help Survivors of Human Trafficking

The fight against human trafficking is about more than working directly to rescue or rehabilitate survivors. It’s also about generating awareness, lobbying for better legislation, and supporting trained professionals who work on the front lines. Here are a few other alternatives:

Educate yourself

Look beyond documentaries that offer a narrow narrative and instead seek out multiple reliable sources to gain greater understanding. Learn how to identify and report suspicious or exploitative activities in your own area to law enforcement or your national human trafficking hotline number in the U.S. it’s (1-888-3737-888).

Invest in your community

You don’t have to volunteer specifically with an anti-trafficking organization in order to fight human trafficking. Volunteering with local agencies that support people in vulnerable situations—hold seminar, training courses, online classes, conferences, events based on trafficking.

Make informed purchasing decisions

Supporting fair-trade or ethical companies that refuse to use slave labor is one of the best ways you can fight human trafficking in your daily life. The Our Empowering Women of America has developed a new product name "Belleza Natural" to help women of all ages, coming soon.

Give or fundraiser

One of the greatest struggles of non-profits is the lack, or instability, of funding. Instead of spending money to volunteer abroad, consider allocating those funds to help Our Empowering Women of America.


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