If you or someone you know is at risk call
(800) 442-4673.
If you or someone you know is at risk call (800) 442-4673.

Child Abuse

Child Abuse or child maltreatment is physical, sexual, and/or psychological maltreatment or neglect of a child or children,especially by a parent or a caregiver.

How we fight


We are here to support and work with any parent or guardian that happened to see child abuse in their community. We will guide them through the steps on how to stop this horrendous action from happening again.

For victims of child abuse you can find support and resources with the link below.

How we fight


We are well versed in identifying situations and handling them in a manner that provides care and comfort to the children.  Our priority is always the safety and protection of the children.

How we fight


OEW is dedicated to educating the community by providing essential and valuable information,  training, support and education through involved efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect.  Every child deserves an opportunity for enriched growth, development, nurturing, education,  compassion, love, and safety.  

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Read Stories from Suvivors

Read the stories of the survivors that OEW has help throughout the years.

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