A grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect children from human trafficking.

Saving the Innocence
The founded Maria Perez, in her own tragedy story of Trafficking. Maria started a Facebook group with the message that all Americans can and should do more to reduce human trafficking through “Warrior One Project.” The Podcast conversation turned into a movement of moms, dads, students, families, concerned citizens and survivors working together with our partners in against human trafficking to bring awareness in full speed and a movement to end this entirely global pandemic.

Mom's Against Child Sex Trafficking is a grassroots movement across American to combat for public safety measures that can protect children from being trafficked, and pornography. We will pass a stronger bill and work closely on loopholes to protect our children’s lives. We will also work in our own communities and with business leaders to encourage a culture of responsible leadership. We’re committed in doing what it takes to keep children safe.

State Chapters is to continue the fight against human trafficking. We need to continue the battle to end sex trafficking and encourage all of our members, people of congress, and everyone to be on board.

Advocates for federal and national legislation that prevents exploitation, and protects children, that will not be prosecuted in the courts for prostitution. Educates law-enforcement, first responders and ordinary citizens about this issue so that they can identify victims and join us in the fight to better protect children. Empowers our young generation to take the lead against human trafficking with the proper knowledge and tools necessary to help them become activists against this terrible trade.

Mom's Against Human Trafficking is working on chapter in every state and within those chapters. If you don’t live near a group, there are plenty of other ways to participate from home. You possible could start your own group within an existing state chapter with Our Empowering Women of America, contact us at info@oewofamerica.org. You can follow “Warrior One Project” Human Trafficking Coalition Network Podcast on Facebook page listen and send a message there to engage in further action.

Lobby Local Policymakers

Steering a Chapter in 52 states and preparing to meet with congress. Discuss legislation and the bill of human rights. To make our “Voices be Heard” and make sure congress hears us loud and clear it time to abolish human trafficking. The OEWOFA is recruiting 52 women from 52 United State of America to meet with congress. These initiatives will not solve the problem overnight — but progress will begin towards abolishing human trafficking. When you combined with open dialogue and are commitment to change bills, implementing of these initiatives can help leaders craft a more deliberate strategy. The behavior of both men and women involved inhuman trafficking, must be known and how to battle this cause. The executive order on combating human trafficking and child exploitation is through congress. Children just don't disappear for no reason!

If you or someone is a survivor and would like to get in involved with "Mother's Against Human Trafficking, please contact us at info@oewofamerica.org

Stay Involved

Sign petitions and speak with your local and state government representatives:
Petitions like this one urge congress to pass legislation to fight human trafficking in 2015. If you’re concerned about human trafficking on the more local level, get in touch with your local or state representatives, or start a petition of your own using a resource like https://www.change.org/

‍Join the movement on social media: 
‍Social media     gives a voice to the organizations and individuals who are working to     combat human trafficking. Follow the movement on Twitter with hashtags like #endhumantrafficking#endslavery, and #humantrafficking,#notinourcountry     #saveourchildren or stay on top of what’s happening by following your favorite organizations on Facebook and Twitter.   

‍Write a letter to the editor of your local paper: Raise community awareness by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper.     Provide information about human trafficking, urge others to be aware of     the signs, and give     potential victims the information that they need to seek help. When you’re talking about human trafficking, place a significant focus on sensitivity. Victims have often experienced a great deal of trauma, and their experiences are varied and nuanced. Be careful not to sensationalize the issue,or to indicate that all victims have had the same experience. If you aren’t a thoughtful advocate, your words could hurt rather than help.

Members of Congress


Petition coming soon. It time for true change, the platform for a new generation to fulfill their victories of hope. Welcome, and thank you all for standing by with OEWOFA.

Join our Campaign "Violence Against Children." 
"52 Mom's to Congress in 2021"

We demand not only immediate change, but a commitment to eradicate human trafficking once and for all. Join us in calling on Congressional leadership to ensure that our children future are first prioritize in our communities as a response to this pandemic.
Sign on to push our elected officials to take brave and bold action to make sure our children are not left behind.

Call to Action



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