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Maria Perez


I believe that Our Empowering Women will be the most innovative organization because it was created for the women and business owners of our community. Anything is possible and we can accomplish our goals!

As a motivator, a business coach, and with years of experience in a multitude of businesses I am committed to bringing our members the very best support to ensure the growth and achievement of their vision.
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Maria Perez/ Mother


Mother was an inspiring woman, she dedicated her life to her family, born in Nuevo Leon Mexico. Her dream was to help women of all cultures and give them the opportunity to be recognized for their value and worth. Living a life of abuse, discrimination, hatred and so much, she learn to cope with the pain and turn that pain into strength and that you're never alone. Never to give anybody the opportunities to take your dreams, and to never give up in life never. You have one chance in life take the risk and do it. We will continue to fail until we become that 'One' and never say I am done. My mother was made of "Steel" and she will be there to watch you all become "Women of Steel", be strong and don't let your guard down and become that “One”.

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Madre fue una mujer inspiradora, dedicó su vida a su familia, nacida en Nuevo León, México. Su sueño era ayudar a las mujeres de todas las culturas y darles la oportunidad de ser reconocidos por su valor y valor. Viviendo una vida de abuso, discriminación, odio y tanto, ella aprende a lidiar con el dolor y convertir ese dolor en fuerza y que nunca estás solo. Nunca dar a nadie las oportunidades de tomar sus sueños, y nunca renunciar a la vida nunca. Tienes una oportunidad en la vida de tomar el riesgo y hacerlo. Seguiremos fallando hasta que seamos ese "Uno" y nunca digamos que estoy hecho. Mi madre fue hecha de "Acero" y estará allí para verlos todos convertirse en "Mujeres de Acero", ser fuertes y no bajar la guardia y convertirse en ese "Uno".